Why Did John Wilkes Booth Kill Abraham Lincoln ?  

During the president ship of Abraham Lincoln, several challenges came up his way. One of these was the Civil war that brought about various states against each other. Friends became enemies and people stood against each other with extreme hatred felt from both ends. John Wilkes Booth, one of the famous stage actors assassinated Lincoln on 15 April 1865. But people could not understand the actual reason why John killed Lincoln.

When Abraham got elected for the post of president for the first time, John’s career was building up and at the age of 22, he became one of the most famous actors and supported southern. By the time Lincoln got elected for the second term of president ship, John decided taking everything in his hands. First of all he planned kidnapping Lincoln with a view to release several war prisoners by forcing the government. At one point of time, John decided to kill Lincoln. Experts claim that John was trying towards re-energizing the Confederacy. While there are also people who suggest that this was done in order to bring the vice president of that time to the post of president.

John Booth believed that Abraham Lincoln was very authoritarian and thus he had planned his removal from the office. The basic reason behind the assassination of Lincoln was civil war and the unrest as a result of this war. Booth had misunderstood Lincoln’s efforts and considered him as despotic but people consider Lincoln as a martyr and criticize Booth for what he did.

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Why Did John Wilkes Booth Kill Abraham Lincoln




Why-Was-Abraham-Lincoln-Assassinated      Abraham Lincoln’s assassination is one of the most significant acts in the history of the United States. This was indeed the first assassination wherein a president was killed. Lincoln lived a considerable good life after he succeeded in his professional life. He decided participating in the political life after the year 1832, but he was always aware that such an act would bring about a lot of controversies. Most dangerous outcome of his entry into politics was his untimely death. More..




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Why Did John Wilkes Booth Kill Abraham Lincoln ? )
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