Abraham Lincoln Biography  

Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln was born in a farm of rural Hardin. Lincoln, during his early years, worked along with his father in his farms and learnt all kinds of literature possible during that span of time. This self education of Lincoln was probably much better than other kinds that would have attained by him at schools.More...


Life Story Of Abraham Lincoln

Life Story Of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, born in a very small cabin in Kentucky was supposed to be one of the most impressive figures of the US. His parents Nancy Hanks and Thomas Lincoln were farmers by profession. In the year 1830, the entire family shifted to the Macon County.More...


When Did Abraham Lincoln Become President ?

When Did Abraham Lincoln Become President

Abraham Lincoln declared his participation in the general assembly of Illinois at the age of 23. In spite of the fact that he never received much formal education and lacked sufficient money, he always remained very popular amongst people belonging to his country.More...


Why Was Abraham Lincoln Assassinated ?

Why Was Abraham Lincoln Assassinated

Abraham Lincoln’s assassination is one of the most significant acts in the history of the United States. This was indeed the first assassination wherein a president was killed. Lincoln lived a considerable good life after he succeeded in his professional life. He decided participating in the political life after the year 1832, but he was always aware that such an act would bring about a lot of controversies. Most dangerous outcome of his entry into politics was his untimely death.More...


Why Did John Wilkes Booth Kill Abraham Lincoln ?

Why Did John Wilkes Booth Kill Abraham Lincoln

During the president ship of Abraham Lincoln, several challenges came up his way. One of these was the Civil war that brought about various states against each other. Friends became enemies and people stood against each other with extreme hatred felt from both ends. John Wilkes Booth, one of the famous stage actors assassinated Lincoln on 15 April 1865. But people could not understand the actual reason why John killed Lincoln.More...


Physical Characteristics Of Abraham Lincoln

Physical Characteristics Of Abraham Lincoln

As far as the physical appearance of Abraham Lincoln is concerned, he had a very unusual appearance. He was very tall having a height of 6 feet 4 inches. He had stoop shoulders, long arms and legs, large hands and feet, and a high forehead. His head’s size was much more than the average and eyes’ color was gray.More...


How Much Did Abraham Lincoln Weigh ?

How Much Did Abraham Lincoln Weigh

Abraham Lincoln had gained much height during his teenage but as far as the weight is concerned, he was very thin. Some sources say that in the year 1831, he weighed around 200 pounds while some other sources claim that Lincoln never ever weighed more than 175 pounds.More...


Weird Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Weird Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, one of the most talked about as well as appreciated presidents of the United States is remembered as a great leader. But there are not much people who know everything about his life though they try a lot. There are certain things out of his life that seem quite interesting but extremely weird at the same time.More...


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Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Interesting-Facts-About-Abraham-Lincoln      Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president of the United States had brought about several changes in the society and is still remembered as one of the most impressive presidents of the U.S. People always wanted to know as much as possible about his life, achievements and similar issues. More..




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