Adolf Hitler And Family  

Adolf Hitler is considered as one of the most influential personalities ever known to the history of world. His father, Alois Hitler, being an illegitimate child of his mother lacked his paternity on the birth certificate. Though he took Hitler as his surname, his paternity was always under controversies.

People are always very curious to know almost everything about the most influential people from the history. When it comes to Adolf Hitler and his family are concerned, there were several people in his family. Given below is a brief description about these family members:

  • Adolf Hitler’s mother was Klara Hitler and his father as mentioned above was Alois Hitler. His parents had a very distressed relation and Alois’ brutalities towards Klara and kids made little Hitler hate his father from his childhood.
  • He had a brother called Alois Hitler junior and a sister named Angela Hitler Raubal.
  • He also had a sister-in-law called Bridget Dowling.
  • Hitler was married to Eva Braun.
  • He had a niece by the name of Geli Raubal and a nephew called Heinz Hitler.
  • Gretl Braun was his sister-in-law and a brother-in-law called Herman Fegelein through his marriage with Eva Braun.
  • IIse Brau was another sister in law from the marriage with his wife Eva Braun.
  • It is believed that he had a grandfather called Johann Georg Hiedler.
  • Johann Nepomuk Hiedler was his maternal great grandfather, the presumed uncle as well as probably his biological grandfather.
  • Leo Raubal junior and William Patrick Hitler were his two nephews.
  • Maria Schickelgruber was the grandmother and Paula Hitler his sister.

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Adolf Hitler And Family




Adolf-Hitler-Biography      Adolf Hitler, one among the most influential personalities from the history of the world, took birth on 20th April, 1889 in Austria. He was born to Alois and Klara. Adolf was their third child and he had a sister named Paula. Edmund, his younger brother, had passed away when he was 6 years old. More..




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