Adolf Hitler Childhood  

One of the most dynamic and reviled personalities of all time, Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 at Brannau in Austria. He had three elder siblings. His parents, Alois Schickelgruber and Klara Hitler had a distressed relationship. Hitler’s childhood was affected by his parents constant fighting and somewhere it left a permanent imprint on him and led him down the life of constant violence. Very often Hitler’s father made him as well as his mother prey to his violent behavior.

In 1892, his family shifted to Passau. In 1894 and 1896, his younger brother Elmond and sister Paula were born respectively. In between, their family settled in Hafeld. His father died in the year 1903 because of a disease called pleural hemorrhage. He joined art school in Vienna in the year 1906. He lost his mother in 1907. She was suffering from breast cancer. He continued living in Vienna for six years helped by small fortune left behind by Alois. When he was living in Vienna, he made a few Jewish friends. His hatred for Jews started developing slowly, which later brought out the monster in him. Right from his childhood days, he was very much inclined towards political issues and had very emotive stand on them. He used to have long discussions with his friends on political issues and everyone was amazed at his brilliant oratorical skills.

Adolf Hitler saw his future in Army and when First World War started, he moved to Munich. There he joined sixteenth Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment. During the war, he was severely injured and also conferred the award for bravery. After world war ended, he joined German Workers Party that he later established as Nazi party.

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Adolf Hitler Childhood




Adolf-Hitler-In-The-Army      Adolf Hitler right from his childhood days had lots of interest in political issues and was attached with them very emotively. When World War I started, he joined 16th Bavarian Reserve Regiment. First time when he petitioned to join army he was rejected on pretext of being unfit. But he again applied for it in August 1914 in spite of having an Austrian citizenship. More..




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