Adolf Hitler Timeline  

Here is a brief timeline depicting the life of Adolf Hitler, the darkest personality in the history of human mankind.

Adolf Hitler Timeline:

  • 1889: Hitler was born to Klara and Alois in Austria’s Brannau am Inn on April 20.
  • 1903: His father Alois, who he hated and feared, expired on January 3.
  • 1905: He moved to Vienna with a hope of making painting his career, but was unfortunately rejected by Fine Arts Academy.
  • 1907: His mother Klara passed away on December 21 at age of just 47 years.
  • 1908: After death of both parents, Hitler made money by painting advertisements and postcards.
  • 1933: He was pronounced Germany’s Chancellor on January 30. His Nazi Party became the only legalized political party of Germany on July 14.
  • 1934: He was awarded designation of the military’s supreme commander on August 2.
  • 1939: He signed the pact of non-aggression with Stalin.
  • 1941: Soviet Union was attacked by 3 million troops from Germany, led by Hitler, on June 22. He soon declared a war against the U.S. on December 11 in the same year.
  • 1942: The 2nd El Alamein Battle saw the defeat of German troops.
  • 1943: The mass destruction caused by the Hitler-led German troops was finally put to an end by the famous Stalinguard Battle.
  • 1944: Northern France was invaded by western armies on June 6
  • 1945: Berlin suburbs were attacked by the armed force of Soviet Union; Mussolini, the infamous Italian dictator, expired on April 28 in the same year. Hitler and his wife E. Braun committed suicide in the middle of the year. Berlin was eventually captured by Red Army on May 2

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Adolf Hitler Timeline




Facts-About-Adolf-Hitler      One among the most lively and self-motivated personalities in the world, Adolf Hitler took birth on April 20 in the year 1889 in the town of Brannau in Austria. He was the fourth child of Alois and Klara Hitler, who shared a very disturbed relationship. It is also believed that Hitler and his mother were often beaten and ill-treated by Alois. Due to the constant fights between his parents, Hitler had a disturbed childhood, which is believed to have left a permanent imprint on his mind. And, it was this mindset of Hitler that probably compelled him to lead a life of enduring violence and hatred. More..




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