Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments  

People know Alexander Hamilton as the primary Secretary of Treasury of the U.S. But, it is very important to note that he was also a soldier who had served the Washington Army. He was an economist, a philosopher as well as the founding father of the country's economy. He contributed a lot towards shaping the US as one of the greatest nations.

He was born on 11 January 1755 in Charlestown. He was an illegitimate child to James Hamilton and Rachel Lavien. He was thus denied education in the Church school. He then completed his schooling from a privately owned Jewish School. He achieved a lot in his life afterwards and given below are some of his most important achievements:

  • Hamilton began writing for a local import and export firm in Christiansted. He was very interested in writing as well as reading.
  • Hamilton became the member of the literary society during his college days in the year 1773. He became popular as his highly acclaimed writing pieces were being published.
  • Hamilton joined a military company called the ‘Heart of Oak’ in the year 1775 and due to his efforts was soon appointed as a lieutenant.
  • In August 1775, this company captured the battery of the British Artillery. Hamilton was soon promoted to the post of Captain out of the victory. Very soon he also attained the rank of a lieutenant colonel.
  • He was a member of the Continental Congress and an author of the Federalist Papers. He was also very much involved into advocating US constitution ratification.
  • He played a vital role towards passing the naval Act in the year 1794 as well as in forming the ‘revenue marine’.

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Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments




Alexander Hamilton Biography

Alexander-Hamilton-Biography      Alexander Hamilton is considered to be amongst the most impressive personalities of the US. He was the very first secretary of the US Treasury, and placed his nation firmly as far as the financial footing was concerned. He was born most probably around 1755 in Nevis; his birth information is not entirely confirmed as he was an illegal child to Rachel Fawcett Lavien. More..




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