What Did Eleanor Roosevelt Accomplish In Her Life ?  

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, being the wife of one of the most popular presidents of the United States, is known more for her achievements rather than the fact that she was the ‘First Lady’ of America. She was born in New York on 11 October 1884. Her life ended on 7 November, 1962 but throughout her life she was politically and socially active which makes her immortal amongst people.

She raised her voice in favor of several social causes including the women and blacks rights, youth employment, etc. She also felt strongly for the Jewish and thus tried helping them out during the authoritarian rule of Hitler. Whatever she did exhibited great self confidence, cleverness, independence and authority at the same time. She is amongst the most influential women who is still known for her achievements, her deeds towards mankind and for her noble intentions for achieving everything requited for the betterment of this world.

She worked a lot for women. In the year 1928, she helped in originating the democratic women units. She always believed that women were equally capable as men. . She was outspoken and encouraged all other women to stand out for their own rights and raise their voice against injustice and inequality. Another important issue that she raised voice for included the demand for equal rights and status for the blacks. She tried eliminating the factors leading to their discrimination.

In short it can be said that Eleanor contributed a lot towards mankind and is still a role model for a large number of people. These accomplishments of hers helped in increasing the unity among people and all are efforts appear as a gift to mankind.

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What Did Eleanor Roosevelt Accomplish In Her Life




Where-Did-Eleanor-Roosevelt-Live      Eleanor Roosevelt was born in the year 1884 in the city of New York. She was left behind with her as her mother died.  In fact, her grandmother was the one who actually brought her up. So, as far as the places where Eleanor lived are concerned, the first place to be mentioned in the list would be New York as this was the place where she was born and brought up. More..




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