Why Was Eleanor Roosevelt Important ?  

Eleanor Roosevelt has been very important part of the history of the United States just because her contribution, be it social or political is uncountable. Human rights are today an important issue all over the world, but not enough people know that she was the one who worked towards its beginning long back. Her efforts in this direction are the most important part of her great legacy. She was undoubtedly the most prominent UN member.

She is also very important because unlike most of the other members of the UN Commission, she was not all an experts as far as international laws were concerned still she managed to make a difference just because of her humanitarian approach and conviction. Despite the fact that she was the First Lady of the US, she was known for her deep understanding towards the plight of women and other unprivileged sections of the society. She had always been involved in various social issues especially those related to women much before she entered politics. Her basic aim was to facilitate all the individuals with the necessities that they need in order to lead a healthy and respectable life in the society.

Some of the most important characteristics of her behavior included her common sense, boundless energy and constant optimism. These were actually the real force behind all her efforts and endeavors. She was the one who never ever made people realize that she was far superior to others because she was president’s wife rather she indulged herself into tasks related to the progress of these people which separated her from the league.

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Why Was Eleanor Roosevelt Important




Childhood-Of-Theodore-Roosevelt      Theodore Roosevelt, the first US president of the twentieth century, was born in the year 1858 in the city of New York. He was known by the name of ‘Teddy’ during his childhood days. Though he was born to a wealthy family, his life was never smooth due to his illness. He was suffering from asthma and his eye sight was also very poor. Due to his bad health he remained a weak and sickly boy. More..




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