George Washington Biography  

George Washington Biography

George Washington, the foremost American president was born on 22 February 1732. He was brought up by his elder brother as his father died when he was just 11 years old. His mother was very protective towards Washington and opposed his brother’s will of making him join the British navy.More...


Fun Facts George Washington

Fun Facts George Washington

George Washington, the primary president of the US, was a person with great sense of patriotism as well as responsibility towards his state. He was admired by almost everyone due to his qualities like integrity. He never ever tried taking an undue advantage of the power awarded to him as a president. But people are not aware of the fun part of his life.More...


Major Accomplishments Of George Washington

Major Accomplishments Of George Washington

George Washington’s biggest accomplishment is the love and admiration that people bestowed upon him. The first president of the United States had done a lot that makes the list of his accomplishments quite larger.More...



What Is George Washington Middle Name ?

What Is George Washington Middle Name

George Washington, who became the first president of the US, was a very humble and devoted person. He full filled all his responsibilities and performed his duty with full devotion. People are still in search of every bit of information associated with George Washington.More...


Where Did George Washington Grow Up ?

Where Did George Washington Grow Up

George Washington being the first president of the US was immensely popular among his countrymen but most importantly he was popular for his achievements and efforts towards the progress of his nation. George Washington was born on 22 February, 1732 at the Bridges Creek Plantation.More...


Where Did George Washington Attend School ?

Where Did George Washington Attend School

People have always admired George Washington as a president but they also followed him as one of the greatest human beings ever born. They wanted to and still want to know almost everything about his life including where he completed his schooling from. The major part of his early childhood was spent in Virginia, the place where he was born. Washington’s elder brother had given the opportunity to study abroad but George was unfortunate to miss such an exciting chance as he had lost his father during his early years which brought financial crisis to the family thus depriving him of basic facilities even.More...


George Washington Childhood

George Washington Childhood

George Washington’s childhood was full of various different kinds of incidents as any other person. This very first president of the Unites States of America was born to Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington on 22 February 1732 in Virginia. He had nine siblings and grew up with them. George Washington had lost his father at an age of 11 years and then his brother Lawrence took the responsibility of bringing him up.More...


How Did George Washington Die ?

How Did George Washington Die

George Washington being a great human being helped his nation grow with peach and harmony. But his death proved to be a great loss to his nation as well as his people as they had lost one of the most impressive leaders of their times. Sources suggest that George was pretty much engaged in bringing out some modifications before Mount Vernon the previous morning.More...


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What Year Did George Washington Become President ?

What-Year-Did-George-Washington-Become-President      George Washington is among the most devoted presidents of the US. People still remember him as a great human being. He was elected as the president on 30th April 1789 from New York City and thus took his office. He acted in a much careful and devoted manner and set various examples for those coming after him to serve the nation. More..




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