Biography Of Ho Chi Minh  

Biography Of Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh whose real name was Nguyen Tat Thanh was the Communist leader of Vietnam and also the major force that contributed towards the Vietnamese struggle that was against the colonial rule of French. He was born in a village at Annam which was located in the Central Vietnam on 19 May 1890. His father had resigned due to a protest that was against the French domination in their country.

Ho Chi Minh started his education from a school located in Hue and after this was shifted to a private school situated at Phan Thiet. He got the job of a cook in the year 1911 in a French ship. He also worked in Paris and London after working in this ship. He got involved in radical activities after the First World War and also joined the founding group in the French Communist Party. He got training from Moscow and in the year 1924, he was sent to China for some revolutionary movements but he came back in 1930. In the following year, he was arrested by the British police and spent almost 2 years in prison before he was released in the year 1933.More...


Who Is Ho Chi Minh ?

Who Is Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh, also known as Nguyen Tat Thanh was born in the year 1890 in Vietnam. His father was a teacher positioned by the French, and he taught his children to fight against injustice and to oppose the French rule. They all were brought up into a very nationalist environment and they thus were eager to fight for their nations’ independence.

Ho Chi Minh had refused learning French but his father sent him to a school here he could learn French. His father claimed that doing so would eventually help him fight against the French in the coming years. After completing his studies, he also worked as a school teacher for quite some time. He then became a sailor where he could travel different places but then he settled in Paris during the year 1917. He along with some other people formed the French Communist Party after 1920.More...


Ho Chi Minh Accomplishments

Ho Chi Minh Accomplishments

Ho Chi Minh who was not only the founder of the Vietnam Communism, but also put his entire strength towards the struggle for Vietnam’s freedom. He has been credited with many accomplishments during his lifetime.

Here are certain very important accomplishments that he achieved with his sheer hard work throughout his life.

  • Ho Chi Minh was always a vital part of several revolutions, his father had taught him to fight against injustice and that is what he did thought his life.
  • He became an important part of the tax revolts and various other such rebellious activities against the French.
  • He left his career in between and joined politics in order to fight against the US, France and Japan. More...
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