Accomplishments Of Vladimir Lenin  

Vladimir Lenin, most commonly known as Lenin is followed by many even today and this is what his biggest achievement is. His ideas inspire several people as he had done a lot to the society but his way of doing things was a bit different. He has achieved a lot in his life but there is always mixed reactions when it comes to Lenin. There have been people who did not like his leadership while there are also people who appreciate him to the fullest.

As far the accomplishments of Vladimir Lenin are concerned then it is difficult to mention a few of them but one of the most important achievements of Lenin was the Russian takeover. His party that was called as the Bolsheviks was in minority at the time Lenin had created it but soon with his efforts he made it capable to takeover the whole of Russia that he led by the Russian Revolution. The other major accomplishment would include the beginning of Leninism which has now become a brand name. He has written various books that inspire people who follow his ideas. Some of these books include the ‘Highest Form of Capitalism’, ‘What Is To Be Done’ and the ‘The Burning Questions of Our Time and Imperialism’.

Some other achievements include the establishment of the USSR and the fact that he led a successful revolution that further led to the establishment of the first Marxist nation in the whole world. He is considered as one of the founding fathers of the erstwhile Soviet Union.

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Accomplishments Of Vladimir Lenin




Importance-Of-Vladimir-Lenin      Lenin was born in Russia but he soon became against his own birth place due to the fact that his brother Alexander was hanged after being arrested for an attempt to kill the king of Russia. During that time, tsar which meant the king was treated equivalent to God and thus his brother’s deed had brought great shame to his family. Lenin was greatly influenced by his brother’s political views which were very revolutionary. His brother had first of all introduced Lenin to Marx’s ideas and he was deeply impressed by them. More..




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