Importance Of Vladimir Lenin  

Lenin was born in Russia but he soon became against his own birth place due to the fact that his brother Alexander was hanged after being arrested for an attempt to kill the king of Russia. During that time, tsar which meant the king was treated equivalent to God and thus his brother’s deed had brought great shame to his family. Lenin was greatly influenced by his brother’s political views which were very revolutionary. His brother had first of all introduced Lenin to Marx’s ideas and he was deeply impressed by them.

Though he was a revolutionary, he is still considered as an integral part of Russian history. He along with his other members of the Communist Party went to France in order to set up a training school where they trained people as per their political ideology. As far as his importance is concerned, he is the most significant personality as far as the Russian Revolution is concerned. Lenin always wanted to establish his own government that would be based on his Marxist ideas.

He wanted a government that had the capability to make an impact on the whole world and he soon was able to do so by establishing his won government. He started his own political party called the Bolsheviks during the year 2003. Though there were also people who criticized his leadership and considered it quite ruthless, Lenin had done a lot to make a mark at the hearts of people through all his brave deeds.

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Importance Of Vladimir Lenin




Lenin-Biography      Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov who is most commonly known as Lenin changed his name to Lenin while he was running in order to avoid his arrest by secret police. He was born during the year 1870 in a very well off family and there was nothing that he wanted. He was a gifted student during his education. More..




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