Facts Of Mao Zedong  

Mao Zedong, one of the most important parts of the Chinese history had done a lot to bring about a change in the society through his political ideology that was basically inspired by Lenin’s views.

Here are certain important facts about Mao Zedong that might bring more light to his journey:

  • Mao Zedong was born in China in 1893. He left his hometown when he was just 20 years old. He then moved to Changsha for his studies. This was the place where he learnt about the Marxist theory. After finishing his studies, he moved to Beijing in the year 1918.
  • Mao got married to Yang Kai hui and this was his first marriage. Yang was a daughter of the professor who ha actually made Mao learn about the socialist theory during his schooling.
  • His other 2 wives were He Zhizhe and Jiang Qing where the former one was a guerilla, while the latter was an actress.
  • Mao belonged to snake as the Chinese zodiac sign. Snake is known to a little dragon.
  • Mao had written a poem for one of his friend Li Shuyi which was called as ‘The immortals’. His friend had lost his wife and thus Mao tried to console him by writing this poem for him.
  • Tangshan earthquake is known to have occurred the same year when Mao died which is in 1976. This natural calamity brought huge destruction to the city and several people lost their lives.

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Facts Of Mao Zedong




What-Did-Mao-Zedong-Do-For-China      Mao Zedong is quite popular in China due to his efforts put towards accelerating the progress of his nation. He is worshipped as a national legend and icon in the country. More..




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