What Did Mao Zedong Do For China ?  

Mao Zedong is quite popular in China due to his efforts put towards accelerating the progress of his nation. He is worshipped as a national legend and icon in the country.

Here are certain important facts about his life that shows what he actually did for China:

  • He had founded the People’s Republic of China during the year 1949. He was also one of the founders who started the Chinese Communist party in the year 1921.
  • Mao is considered as one of the most eminent Communist theoreticians. He is also remembered as a great poet who did a lot for his nation.
  • He tried to eliminate the traditional culture of the nation. He granted women the equal rights as men.
  • At the time of the Cultural Revolution, everything got really affected including the education, the class struggle and everything else but Mao kept on fighting for China and to get back the original status of the country as China was lacking behind as compared to the rest of the world.
  • He was inspired by the ideas of Lenin and wanted to put all his efforts to work or his nation. He just wanted to have a better society and more developed nation in terms of everything.
  • Though there are certain people who do not like Mao, but whatever he did for his nation, is appreciated by a large number of people. The numbers of people appreciating his deeds are much higher than those criticizing him. Mao himself believed that he did much more good things to his nation that what people consider bad.

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What Did Mao Zedong Do For China ?




Brief-Biography-Of-Mao-Zedong      Mao Zedong was born during the year 1893 in Chaochan, China. His father was a peasant farmer. Mao embraced Marxist ideologies while he was working as an assistant in the library of the Peking University. He also served as a member of the revolutionary army during the Chinese Revolution that occurred in the year 1911. More..




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What Did Mao Zedong Do For China ? )
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