Biography Of Napoleon Bonaparte  

Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most victorious military commanders of his times took birth on August 15, 1769 to Carlo and Maria Letizia Ramolino. Napoleon’s mother was a dominating lady and restricted his mischievous habits. He completed his schooling in France and his school was well known for the religious upbringing provided by it.

He spent almost all of his time in learning the arts mastering the French. After this, he moved to a different school in Brienne. After getting done with this school even, he joined a renowned military academy wherein he completed his training in artillery. Once he graduated in the year 1785, he started working as the 2nd lieutenant in a regiment. In 1789, he got the post of the Lieutenant Colonel after the completion of the French revolution. He then got promoted as Captain in 1792.

He made earnest efforts and succeeded seizing ‘Toulon’ after evacuating British troops. His work and devoted efforts made him rise to the rank of the Brigadier General. Soon after, he got the position of the commander of the ‘Army of Italy’. He then never looked back and started off with much more vigor during his Italy campaign. His army had already won eighteen battles. This was the time when he started developing strong interest in the politics of France. He began publishing two newspapers that he distributed among his troops. He also circulated them throughout France.

In 1798, he set himself for Egypt in quest of more power. Some of the most historic battles under his leadership include the ‘Battle of Borodino’ and the ‘Battle of Waterloo’ in the year 1815. He fell ill in 1821 and eventually died out of his illness. The physician investigating him later claimed stomach cancer as the reason behind his death. He still is an example for people in terms of the skills he possessed as a leader.

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Biography Of Napoleon Bonaparte




How-Did-Napoleon-Die      Europe was ruled by Napoleon for around 20 years on his own conditions and will. He got overpowered during the famous ‘Battle of Waterloo’ in the year 1815. He after conquering most of the parts died out of his illness on May 5, in the year 1821. Though he was ill, the actual health problem was not diagnosed till his death. More..




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