Timeline Of Napoleon Bonaparte  

Napoleon Bonaparte is known for his military genius and was a phenomena during his time. His tactics and strategies are given quoted as examples today and taught in various military establishments all over the world.

Given below is the timeline of Napoleon Bonaparte:

  • 1759: Napoleon was born in Corsica on August 15.
  • 1779: Napoleon started studying at a military academy.
  • 1784: Enrolled in Ecole Militiare. Graduated from the Ecole Militiare and possessed the prestigious rank of 2nd lieutenant.
  • 1789: Witnessed mob storms from Paris.
  • 1793: Accused for being extremely pro French. He also received the Brigadier General rank.
  • 1794: Napoleon got imprisoned out of doubt of being the Robespierre supporter.
  • 1795: Napoleon got promoted to the rank of General due to his brave efforts. He was assigned the work of oppressing insurgence against the Republican Government.
  • 1785: Napoleon meets his would be wife Josephine.
  • 1786: Received command of French army placed in Italy.
  • 1796: Napoleon Married Josephine. He led the beginning of Austrian campaign. He also participated in Battle of Lodi as well as Battle of Arcode.
  • 1797: Bonaparte‘s efforts made him win Battle of Rivoli.
  • 1798: Alexandria fall.
  • 1800: Napoleon led his army across the Alps.
  • 1801: Bonaparte escaped an attempt of assassination.
  • 1802: Napoleon Bonaparte signed Amiens treaty with Britain.
  • 1803: England violated the Amiens treaty.
  • 1804: Senate claimed Napoleon an Emperor.
  • 1807: defeated the Russians in the battle of Freidland.
  • 1809: Nelson divorced his wife Josephine.
  • 1810: Napoleon went on for the second marriage and married Marie Louise.
  • 1811: Napoleon had a son. He was known as the ‘King of Rome’ afterwards.
  • 1812: Napoleon returned to Paris.
  • 1813: Prussia declared war on France.
  • 1814: Paris experienced a fall.
  • 1815: Napoleon rallied French army. He was abdicated for the second time.
  • 1821: Napoleon Bonaparte died.

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Timeline Of Napoleon Bonaparte




Biography-Of-Napoleon-Bonaparte      Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most victorious military commanders of his times took birth on August 15, 1769 to Carlo and Maria Letizia Ramolino. Napoleon’s mother was a dominating lady and restricted his mischievous habits. He completed his schooling in France and his school was well known for the religious upbringing provided by it. More..




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