Timeline Of Nelson Mandela  

Given below is the timeline of Mandela, which highlights the most important events that took place throughout his life. This keeps a record of all such events and arranges them in order taking up the shape of a biography.

Timeline of Nelson Mandela:

  • 1918: Nelson Mandela was born.
  • 1927: Nelson lost his father.
  • 1937: He attended Wesleyan College and then the Fort Hare University; here he met Oliver Tambo, his long-time friend.
  • 1939: Got involved in boycott opposing the policies of University and had to leave the college. He also escaped the marriage arranged by his parents and then moved to Johannesburg.
  • 1943: He became the member of ANC.
  • 1944: Formed the ANC Youth League with his friend Oliver. He got married to Evelyn Mase in the same year.
  • 1948: Apartheid policy got implemented in South Africa.
  • 1952: Started the 1st black law firm with his friend Oliver.
  • 1955: freedom charter got adopted at Congress of people.
  • 1957: Mandela’s marriage ended.
  • 1958: Nelson married for the second time.
  • 1960: Sharpeville massacre happened and 69 black Africans were shot.
  • 1962: Mandela got arrested and sentenced life imprisonment.
  • 1977: Biko was killed in the police custody.
  • 1980: Zimbabwe gained independence.
  • 1990: Nelson was released from prison.
  • 1991: Nelson became the president of ANC.
  • 1993: Nelson and Winnie got divorced.
  • 1998: Nelson got married for the third time.
  • 2000: He was appointed as mediator for Burundi civil war.
  • 2001: He was treated for prostate cancer.
  • 2004: Nelson retired from his official life.
  • 2005: Nelson lost his son out of AIDS.
  • 2009: UN General Assembly declared 18 July as Mandela Day for his contribution.

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Timeline Of Nelson Mandela




What-Year-Was-Nelson-Mandela-Released      Nelson Mandela got released in 1990. He was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in the year 1964. He had to spend 27 years of his life in isolation and working very hard as a laborer. Though he was offered release by the government since the beginning of 1980, he refused due to the fact the release was accompanied with a lot of conditions which he could never agree for. Thus he had to spend some more time in prison. More..




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