When Was Nelson Mandela Born ?  

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, one of the most influential personalities in history of South Africa was born in a small village in Mvezo on July 18 1918. He used to be very naughty during his childhood days and was affectionately given the name Rolihlahla by his father. It subjectively means one who is always creating troubles. The first day he went to school, he was named as Nelson.

As per the customs, post of chief of Mvezo was with Gadla Henry Phakanyiswa, father of Nelson Mandela. And as per the tradition, sons of chief’s third wife were made the chief’s principal advisors. Mandela was born to third wife of his dad. It was expected that he will become an advisor to his elder brother. But he went to the Methodist Missionary School. His high school was Clarkebury Missionary School. He did his graduation from Healdtown and later went to University of Fort Hare. Nelson Mandela always had a heart for political issues. In university he met Oliver Tambo who later went on to become his long time associate. Both got involved in political activism. And as a result college expelled them both in 1940.

After sometime, Nelson Mandela went to Johannesburg and for sometime worked at a gold mine as night watchman. Later on along with his mother he went to live in Alexandria, a small suburb in Johannesburg. He left his night watchman’s job and joined a law firm as clerk. He continued studying through correspondence. He got his first Bachelor’s degree in year 1941 from University of South Africa.

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When Was Nelson Mandela Born




Why-Was-Nelson-Mandela-Sent-To-Jail      In the 1960s, after the infamous Sharpeville massacre and ban on ANC, the African State’s political environment was transformed completely. The increasing immoralities and illegalities inflicted by the state government encouraged Mandela to start armed struggles in the state. Nelson Mandela was finally sent to jail in 1962 by the state of Africa as the government feared that Mandela would interfere with its policies and incapacitate it by instigating civil disobedience and violence. More..




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