Ronald Reagan Fun Facts  

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of America and third Californian Governor. He was born on February 6, 1911 in city of Tampico in Illinois. He had a very successful political career and is the father of ‘Reaganomics’ and ‘Reagan Revolution’. These are some Reagan facts that everyone is aware of.

However, there are numerous fun facts about Reagan that will certainly take you by surprise. Some most interesting ones are as follows:

  • At a small age of 15 years, Reagan worked as a lifeguard at Rock River in Lowell Park near Dixon. He saved nearly 77 lives during his service.
  • He worked for W.H.O. as a radio announcer at Chicago Cubs in Des Moines in Iowa after completing his graduation in economics and sociology from Eureka College.
  • He also won a contract of $200 per week with the Warner Brothers and got his first break in Hollywood in the movie called “Love is on the Air”. Thereafter, he appeared in and directed more than fifty films.
  • He was believed to have the most perfect male figure of his times.
  • He married twice and had five kids - two from his first wife Jane Wyman, two from his second wife Nancy Davis, and one was adopted.
  • A failed attempt to assassinate Reagan was made when he was California’s Governor in 1968. Another attempt was made when he was the president.
  • He was the oldest American president and also the first to nominate a woman as Supreme Court justice for the first time in 1981.
  • The present-day famous phrases, like ‘New World Order’, ‘Reaganomics’, ‘Privatization’, ‘Trickle Down Economics’ and ‘Welfare Cadillac’, have all been coined by Reagan.
  • His favorite snack was Jelly Beans. He ordered Blueberry colored Jelly Bellies to match beautiful color schemes of the inaugural festivities.
  • He was also the first American President to have got divorced.
  • Reagan was a UFO freak and claimed that he had sighted strange UFO-like bodies twice in his lifetime.

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Ronald Reagan Fun Facts




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