What Did Ronald Reagan Accomplish ?  

Ronald Reagan, the fortieth U.S. President, had a very successful political career and is remembered till date as one among the most influential personalities in history of American Politics. His contributions to American politics, economic growth, and social reforms are worth mentioning. Nevertheless, he always found himself amidst controversies due to his strong political views.

While the Conservatives considered him to be the best president of the century, just next to Washington and Lincoln, the Leftists thought him to be the worst ever, second to George Bush. He accomplished a lot during his political career as President from 1981 to 1989.

Some of his most noteworthy accomplishments are as follows:

  • He made significant contributions to the Cold War. It was because of him that the war came to an end on positive footing. His callous, stern oratory triggered social activism all over Eastern Europe. He made aggressive policies were successful in restraining communism in El Salvador and Nicaragua in the Central America and thus fed the infamous Soviet-Afghani War. His stern military actions in Grenada and Libya helped the country recover from the Vietnam fallout.
  • He reformed Republican Party to a great extent and the present-day party is the outcome of his efforts.
  • He is the father of Reagan Revolution. The program that led to his continuous victories in the elections emphasized largely on having strong military, low taxes, anti-drug war, conservative values, and measures against crime.
  • He also made ‘Reaganomics’, his greatest economic accomplishment, which focused on judicious social spending, tax cuts, de-regulation, privatization, increased spending on defense, and entrepreneurship. It was his persistent efforts that ultimately led to national indebtedness.
  • He also put an end to the U.S. Labor Movement.
  • During his term as the President, he signed several bills and treaties, such as the INF Treaty, Immigration Reform and Control Act, and the Drugs Enforcement Bill.
  • He also appointed the first female justice of Supreme Court and the first female UN ambassador.

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What Did Ronald Reagan Accomplish




What-Was-Ronald-Reagan-Remembered-For      Ronald Reagan, the 40th US President, is one among the greatest political personalities, highly acclaimed for his rhetoric, stern political ways, and strong economic views. Today, he is remembered as the ‘Great Communicator’ and also as the father of Reaganomics and Reagan Revolution. More..




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