Where Did President Ronald Reagan Go To College ?  

Ronald Reagan, born on 6th February, 1911, at city of Tampico in Illinois, is remembered as one among the greatest American Presidents till date. He completed his primary and secondary education at Dixon High School, located in Dixon, where he had shifted with his family in 1920. He developed keen interest in storytelling, sports, and acting during his schooldays.

Interestingly, not more than 7 percent high school students in America actually managed to go college. But, Reagan was determined to study further. His interest in sports, especially football, won him an athlete scholarship. It was with the help of this scholarship that he could get himself enrolled at Eureka College located in Illinois.

Reagan completed his graduation and earned a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) degree with specialization in economics and sociology, from the Eureka College in year 1932. When he was at Eureka, the college had a small strength of merely 250 students, both women and men. It was in this college that he participated actively in many extra-curricular activities and built significant amount of confidence in himself. Quite interestingly, inspired by a minister’s son in Dixon, Reagan had entered Eureka with a dream of becoming a football sensation overnight! During his college days, he excelled in sports even further but didn’t realize this dream. But, he won several accolades in the same area. He also experienced his first encounter with politics at Eureka.

During the Great Depression in 1928, he was made the freshmen student committee at college and was required to present the strike’s proposal. It was the first time he made a speech in front of a large audience and managed to get the strike approved. This was the beginning of his rhetoric that later dragged the entire nation out of the clutches of communism. After graduating, he worked as a radio announcer at Chicago Cubs for W.H.O. Later, he also gave a screen test, which won him a seven-year long contract with the famous Warner Brothers and it is through them that he got his first break in a Hollywood movie.

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Where Did President Ronald Reagan Go To College




Where-Did-Ronald-Reagan-Die      Ronald Reagan, the greatest American President, just next to Lincoln and Washington, was born at Tampico, Illinois on 6 February 1911 and died at the age of 93 years on 5 June 2004 at his Bel Air Residence in California. He was in fact the 2nd oldest president to die such an old age. More..




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