Why Was Ronald Reagan Important ?  

Ronald Reagan, America’s fortieth president, was important because of the revolution that he brought about in the nation’s social, political, and economic arena with his perseverance and great determination. His stern military actions on Soviet Union, strong political views regarding national and foreign policies, remarkable rhetoric, revolutionary ideas in field of economics, and great determination to bring about social reforms to free the nation from Communism are reasons why he was considered to be so important.

Reaganomics, his economic views pertaining to government spending and entrepreneurship, led the nation into an unparalleled era of social and economic prosperity. He was also the one who, after taking to office as the U.S. President, revamped the nation’s military forces, which were destroyed by his predecessors. His ruthless military actions, like bombing in Libya, led to final collapse of Soviet Union, liberating millions of people across the globe. His policies are also important as they curbed communism completely before it could harm America and the rest of the world. Thus, Ronald Reagan played an extremely important role in making the distressed nation strong once again.

He was also important because of the provoking, comforting, and patriotic speeches that he delivered to enable the common man of the country to develop confidence in future of the nation. His economic policies favored the common man to a great extent. They led to significant tax cuts, job creations, and increase in national revenues. It was because of Reagan and his insightful policies that America could actually achieve a record state of indebtedness.

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Why Was Ronald Reagan Important




Facts-About-Ronald-Reagan      Ronald Reagan was a very popular US president, who held the office during the heights of the Cold War. His presidency was marked with a lot of development for the nation, and this way the time when the US was concentrating more on its defense and military resources. More..




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