Saddam Hussein Biography  

Saddam Hussein is remembered as one of the most unpopular dictators of the country of Iraq. He was born in Al-Auja, a village in Tikrit in northern part of Iraq. He had a disturbed childhood with his biological father either abandoning their family or getting killed before Saddam was born, and his mother remarrying a brutal and illiterate man. The facts about his biological father are not very clear. However, due to his unhappy childhood he wanted to move in with his uncle, Khairullah Tulfah, who at that time, in 1947, got released from prison.

It was after he moved in with Tulfah that Hussein started his education. At eighteen, he applied to the military school but could not make it through and was shattered. Then he shifted to Baghdad where he joined high school but did not find interest there. Instead he gained interest in politics.

Saddam’s uncle then fuelled this interest by introducing him to the political party called Baath, one of the many parties vying for power at that time in Iraq. He started off at the Party from the bottom rung but graduated to the assassination squad and was also one of the few assigned to kill the then Prime Minister of Iraq. Upon failing, Saddam was compelled to first run to Syria and then to escape to Egypt.

Hussein returned to his own country when Baath party successfully gained power there. However, the party fell from power within nine months, and Hussein was arrested in the year 1964 and put in prison, from where he escaped after tolerating 18 months of torture.

In 1968, Baath regained power and Hussein was made the Vice- President and in 1979, he became the President. Threat and fear were his best weapons while at power until US troops invaded Iraq, when he had to flee. Ultimately, after trial, on December 30, 2006, he was hanged to death.

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Saddam Hussein Biography




The-History-Of-Saddam-Hussein      Saddam Hussein was born to a landless and poor peasant in the year 1937 in Tikrit, Iraq. After an unsuccessful life with his stepfather, he moved in with his maternal uncle, Khairullah Tulfah in 1955 and then started off his education. He always wanted to be in the military but could not get through when applied. Devastated, he went to Baghdad to study in high school there. But studies there disappointed him but he got inclined towards politics. More..




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