What Did Saddam Hussein Do ?  

Saddam Hussein was the most tyrannical and ruthless dictator of Iraq, his president-ship starting from 1979 and continuing till 2003. Many say that his tyrant dictatorship was triggered off from his brutal experiences in his childhood, but most agree that no amount of brutality of his childhood can reason with the kind of ruthlessness he showed with his own countrymen.

Saddam, born in Tikrit in Iraq in 1937 was forced to live with his maternal uncle, Khairullah Tulfah after not being able to withstand the troubled life he was leading with his stepfather. After his failure to get through military exam, he went to Baghdad for higher studies where he became interested in politics. Then with his uncle’s help, he joined Baath political party where his uncle was a member. Soon he was assigned to kill the Prime Minister of Iraq at that time, Abd al-Karm Qsim, which he failed to do. Thus he fled from Iraq and started living in exile in Syria and then, Egypt.

When Baath Party gained power in Iraq, he came back there in 1963 only to be arrested on the party’s downfall. But he escaped prison in 1965 and rejoined the Party. This time with his domination, Baath Party once again gained power and he eventually became the President of Iraq in 1979. The next year, he invaded Iran’s oilfields and started war with them which continued for eight years. This was followed by the Persian Gulf War in the year 1991. During these times, he also suppressed some conflicts like those between the Kurds and the Shea.

In March, 2003, the United States rallied Iraq with his allies and compelled Saddam to run away. He was captured back by the US army in December, the same year. Finally he was tried and hanged by the court on November 30, 2006.

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What Did Saddam Hussein Do ?




What-Happened-To-Saddam-Hussein      Saddam Hussein, one of the most tyrannical and brutal personalities of modern times, ended with a similar brutal end. Facing hardships as a child, he went to Baghdad for his higher studies where he caught up with the world of politics. More..




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What Did Saddam Hussein Do ? )
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