What Happened To Saddam Hussein ?  

Saddam Hussein, one of the most tyrannical and brutal personalities of modern times, ended with a similar brutal end. Facing hardships as a child, he went to Baghdad for his higher studies where he caught up with the world of politics.

His maternal uncle, Khairullah Tulfah helped him enter into Baath Political Party, which was one of the many trying to gain power in Iraq at that time. On failing to assassinate Abd al-Karm Qsim, the then Prime Minister of Iraq, he fled the country to Syria and Egypt. On hearing Baath’s gain of power in Iraq, he returned to Iraq where he was captured following the fall from power of the Party. Two years after he was captured, he escaped jail in 1965 and joined Baath back. This time he went on to become the Iraqi President in 1979 and thus started the trying times for those under his dictatorship.

Saddam’s rule as President saw many wars and conflicts, mainly the Iran-Iraq War from 1980 to 1988 and the Persian Gulf War in the year 1991. It was with the United States’ intervention to this scene in 2003 that Saddam had to go into hiding. In the same year, however, the US troops found him in Ad-Dawr, near Tikrit, and held him up for trial. He was accused of many killings including the mass killings of the Kurdish Muslims, using chemical weapons as early as 1987-88. He was tried and kept in prison for the next three years. Finally, he was ordered to be hanged till death on November 30, 2006.

Hussein’s hanging was much publicized by the world media, with all the shutterbugs trying to capture each of his expressions. That was torture itself for the man who was almost seventy by that time. He was buried in his birthplace, Al-Ajwa, near the village of Tikrit.

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What Happened To Saddam Hussein ?




Where-Is-Saddam-Hussein-Being-Held      The life and capture of Saddam Hussein, the infamous, ruthless dictator of Iraq from 1979 to the year 2003 has always been under a lot of speculation. His life started off by exposing him to some domestic violence, which later on in his life as the Iraqi dictator, he gave back to his countrymen. He was captured by the United States’ military in December of 2003 and was held in Camp Cropper. More..




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What Happened To Saddam Hussein ? )
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