Biography Of Sun Yat Sen  

Sun yat-sen, popularly known as the father of the modern China was the leader of the Nationalist Party of China. He was born in Xiangshan in Guangdong province of China on November 12, 1866 in a peasant family. He received his education from both Hawaii and Hong Kong. Then he started his studies in medicine from Canton, but had to come back to Hong Kong in the year 1887 to continue his studies in Alice Memorial Hospital under the tutelage of Dr. James Cantlie, the college’s dean.

On June, 1892, he came to Macau to practice, but the Portuguese authorities there did not give him the required license.

On returning to Hong Kong in 1893, he developed more interest in politics. He then began to study the scenario of the Manchu government and how weak, inefficient and corrupted China was at that time, politically. He sought to change all these and wrote a letter to Li Hung Chang, an important Chinese reform leader of that time. When his reform was ignored, he came back to Hong Kong and reorganized the Hsing-chung Hui there as a secret society. He planned an uprising in Canton which was leaked resulting in deaths of many of his fellow mates. Thus he fled the country and reached Japan.

After facing many difficulties and failures but never giving up, Yat-sen reached Shanghai to again plan on overtaking Canton, now extending his hand towards the northern warlords and his force exertion in Kwangsi and Fukien. During this time, on not getting the much needed support from Japan and the West, he had to join forces with the Soviet. He adopted their party army’s model and together they formed a military school and also a mission led by Chiang kai-she. The final days of Sun passed in Wellington Koo, where he passed away in March 12, 1925.

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Biography Of Sun Yat Sen




Information-On-Sun-Yat-Sen      Sun Yat Sen, born to a farmer in year 1866, was brought up in Hawaii by his elder brother. He later shifted to Hong Kong to study medicine. He graduated in year 1892 and thereafter, worked in various places, including Honolulu, Guangzhou, and Macao. More..




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