Ted Kennedy Biography  

Ted Kennedy Biography

Edward Moore Kennedy, most popularly known as Ted Kennedy, was the Massachusetts Senator in the US Congress. He was a Democrat. He was born on 22 February, 1932. He had served for nearly forty-seven years, and he also was the 2nd senior most Senator in the history of the country.More...


Who Is Ted Kennedy ?

Who Is Ted Kennedy

Edward Kennedy was most commonly known as Ted Kennedy. He was the 3rd longest serving US Senate member. He got elected to the Senate almost 9 times with the votes of Massachusetts people. There was only one other Senator who could match up to his records. Barack Obama, current president of the US appreciated Ted Kennedy by saying that he had been really great to stay in his position for so long that was around 5 decades long.

Ted Kennedy was a great human being who fought for several battles which included the voting rights, immigration, education, minimum wages, combating AIDS, national service, equality for the women, disabled, minorities and gays. Ted said that the cause of his life was health care. He wanted to bring quality but affordable services in terms of health care.More...


Who Assassinated Kennedy ?

Who Assassinated Kennedy

John Kennedy, the 35th president of the US, was assassinated on 22 November 1963 at 12:30 pm in Texas. He was shot dead in the city of Dallas. People were shocked and could not believe that this event had occurred. Kennedy was extremely popular and admired amongst the people.

Kennedy was assassinated while he was riding in an open motorcade along with Jacqueline, his wife. The experts claimed that he was fired with at least 4 shots and they doubted the presence of more the one person in the event. Later the studies and examinations of all the existent evidences proved that Kennedy was fired with four shots.More...


History Of Ted Kennedy

History Of Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy, whose full name was Edward Moore Kennedy, was the youngest of all the nine children in the family. He was born on 22 February 1932 in Boston in a very well off family, one that had been into power for a very long time. In short, Ted was born in the first royal family of the United States.

Being born to father Joseph P. Kennedy and mother Rose Kennedy, he was brought up as a Democrat where every child reflected a kind of aura that was symbolic of this royal family. He thus led larger than life or one can say he lived his life king size as he was born to a wealthy family that was full of intellectuals.More...


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