History Of Walt Disney Company  

Walt Disney Co. was initially established as a famous cartoon studio on 16th October, 1923 by the Disney Brothers, Roy and Walter, who opened up the doors of the interesting animation industry to the rest of the world. This world famous company is known for its long history of 75 celebrated years in entertainment industry.

By 1926, the company produced 2 movies and also bought a Hollywood studio in California. It faced a serious distribution rights snag, which nearly sank the company, but fortunately, Mickey Mouse came to its rescue at the right time! The creation of animated character of Mickey Mouse in 1928 got several accolades and huge profits for the sinking company.

The 1st Academy Award was won by this company in year 1932 for its popular cartoon character, named ‘Silly Symphony’. ‘Snow White and Seven Dwarfs’, one among the highest profit-making movies of the early 20th century, was released by the company in year 1937. It was their 1st full-length animation movie. However, the increasing expenses and advent of the Second World War slowed down the growth of Disney.

It was with the popular live-action films, like Treasure Island and Cinderella, in 1950 that company regained its pace and popularity. The major milestones in history of the company in 1955 included the launch of numerous animated television series, debut of Mickey Mouse Club, and inauguration of Disneyland in California. The company’s popularity has risen every day since then. The company operation continues unaffected even after Walt Disney’s death in 1966. The company established its theme parks on lines of Disneyland in Tokyo in year 1983. Other milestones in company’s history included opening of similar theme parks in Paris and launch of Disney Channel for television.

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History Of Walt Disney Company




History-Of-Walt-Disney      Walt Disney, the renowned American animator, voice actor, director, entrepreneur, and producer, is counted among the most influential and prestigious personalities of the 20th century. He is not only the proud winner of numerous Academy Awards, but has also won as many as 29 Oscars! He is also ranked as the world’s best producer of motion pictures. The American Disneyland and similar theme parks of other countries have all been named after this great personality. He is also co-founder of highly acclaimed Walt Disney Co. More..




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