Who Is The Chairman Of Walt Disney ?  

Walt Disney Company’s current chairman in 2010 is Robert Iger. He is company’s chief executive officer (CEO) and President at present. He was selected to be the company’s 6th chairman or CEO in the year 2005, when his predecessor Michael Eisner resigned from the post.

Born in New York in year 1951, Robert Iger completed his graduation from the Ithaca College, earning a B.Sc degree in Radio and Television. After his graduation, Iger worked as weatherman in his own locality. In 1974, he joined ABC (American Broadcasting Co.) and development his career with the organization. He played a vital role in the ABC-Walt Disney merger in later years of his career. He was elected to be a member of the senior management of the Walt Disney Co. in the year 1996, and was declared the President of Walt Disney International in the year 1999.

A point to be noted here is that although the company is headed by CEO Robert Iger, its various divisions have their own chairmen, all of whom report directly to the CEO. For instance, as of this year (2010), Walt Disney International and Disney Consumer Pdt. Worldwide are chaired by Andy Bird and Andrew Mooney respectively. Similarly, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios is Rich Ross, while that of the Park & Resort Segment is Thomas Staggs. Thus, the decentralized organizational hierarchy of the company has one CEO and 4 chairmen reporting to him. The worldwide operations of each of the four business units thus run successfully under chairmanship of eminent business heads and a single president.

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Who Is The Chairman Of Walt Disney ?




History-Of-Walt-Disney-Company      Walt Disney Co. was initially established as a famous cartoon studio on 16th October, 1923 by the Disney Brothers, Roy and Walter, who opened up the doors of the interesting animation industry to the rest of the world. This world famous company is known for its long history of 75 celebrated years in entertainment industry. More..




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