Winston Churchill Biography  

Born on November 30, 1874 in Woodstock’s Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill was the son of Jennie Jerome and Randolph Churchill, the famous Conservative politician and British MP. Winston received most of his primary education at Harrow and higher education at the Sandhurst’s Royal Military College.

He was not a very brilliant student as far as his academics are concerned. He was not very attracted to studies and even failed several exams in his school life. However, he had a keen interest in being a part of the national army. Pursuing his dream, he finally joined army as the cavalry officer. In year 1898, he was in Fourth Hussars, where he faced 3 fierce battles, the most significant among them being the Sudan’s Omdurman Battle.

His hobbies included reading and writing. The keen interest that he had in writing took him long way to become an author. Interestingly, he authored two famous books, “The River War” and “The Story of the Malakand Field Force”, in years 1899 and 1898 respectively. Both these books were based on real experience he had on the battlefield. He developed such great interest in this field that he left army service in year 1899 and went ahead to become a war correspondent for the Morning Post News Group. Another famous book written by him was about his historic escape from the Boers in the year 1900.

Winston’s political career began in the year 1900, after death of his father, when he was selected to succeed his father to be Oldham’s Conservative MP. In year 1904, he became a member of the Liberal Party and was proclaimed the State Under-Secretary in year 1906. Winston got married to Clementine O. Spencer on September 12, 1908 at the age of 34. He became the Home Secretary in 1910 and Lord of Admiralty in 1911. His achievements during the First World War, after 1914, are also remarkable. He faced the coldest period of his political career during 1929-1933, when he had no post in any government. He resumed his career as the First Lord of Admiralty in World War II. His contribution in building healthy relations between America and Britain was incredible.

After a successful political career, full of ups and downs, Winston Churchill retired from politics owing to deteriorating health. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his book, ‘The Second World War’, in year 1955. He finally expired at age of 91 years, on January 24, 1965.

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Winston Churchill Biography




Interesting-Facts-About-Winston-Churchill      Winston Churchill, a renowned British statesman and politician, is remembered till date for his heroic leadership of UK at the time of World War II. Some interesting facts about this great personality are as follows: More..




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