Eminem History  

Eminem real name at birth was Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He was born in Saint Joseph in Missouri. His mother's name is Deborah Nelson, while his father was Marshall Bruce Mathers. He is of mixed heritage and belongs to Scottish, English, German, Swiss and Polish ancestry. His father left the family when he was barely two years old.

He never came back to them after that. His mother was very poor and he was brought up as an only child. By the time he was twelve years old, his mother had shift several times and he ended up living in several places. Finally they settled down in a suburb of Detroit in Michigan.

Mathers' first introduction to rap or Hip Hop was through Beastie Boys as a teenager. He got interested in Hip Hop, and started performing under a pseudo name M&M. He started rapping when he was just fourteen years old. He then released his first album called Stepping Onto the Scene along with Bassmint Productions. They changed the albums name to Soul Intent and in 1995, they released Eminem's first single called Fuckin Backstabber. Eminem was a big hero in the underground hip hop scene, and often participated in freestyle battles.

However, he was a poor performer in studies. He repeated ninth grade twice and finally dropped out of school. As a child Eminem was very badly abused by her mother's various boyfriends. He often sings about his childhood experiences and none of it paints a good picture of those years.

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Eminem History




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