How Many Albums Has Eminem Sold ?  

Eminem is a popular rapper and hip hop singer of the United States. He is popular worldwide, and has a great fan following. He has been credited with the greatest and most popular singer of the decade. In his career until now, Eminem has won nearly 11 Grammy awards, and it is a great achievement in a short span of time.

Every single song of every single album has been a major hit. He went into a hiatus since 2005 and remerged only in the year 2009. Until then, he was going through personal strife. So far Eminem has released six albums. Starting from the Slim Shady LP then came Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, Encore and Relapse albums, all topped the charts and sold millions of copies. Even today his album Relapse is breaking all record sales.

Eminem’s hip hop songs are preferred by teens and young adults who are great followers of the hip hop culture. Several songs from his albums like Forgot about Dr. Dre, Encore Curtains Down, Old Times Sake, Guilty Conscience and Crack a Bottle have won acclaim and also are chart busters. However, several of his songs contained X-rated material and false claims. Like once he claimed Christina Aguilera performed oral sex on him which was just a sham. He had no evidence to sustain anything he claimed.

Eminem also degraded Michael Jackson and was strongly against President Bush. He invited several controversies for himself and despite all that, his music still remains popular among all genres that exist today.

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How Many Albums Has Eminem Sold




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How Many Albums Has Eminem Sold ? )
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