How Many Kids Does Eminem Have ?  

Eminem has been a subject of controversies and issues ever since he debuted as a rapper. None of the controversies were related to his rapping career but most of them were about his personal life. The audience always saw him as a person with several issues.

Eminem was married twice in his life, first time to Kimberly Anne Scott and she was his high school sweetheart. They had an on and off relationship until 1989. And then, he got married to her in 1999. They divorced two years later in 2001. In 2000, Scott tried to take her own life and also sued Eminem for defamation the following year. He had depicted her violent death in the song Kim. They remarried in 2006 and the second divorce came through in December of the same year. In the mean time, they had one daughter, Hailie Jade Scott, who was born on December 25 1995. However, when they divorced for the second time they agreed to share the custody.

His daughter featured in several songs of Eminem like 97 Bonnie and Clyde, My Dad is Gone Crazy, Mocking Bird, Forget about Dre, Cleaning Out My Closet and When I’m Gone. Eminem later adopted two more girls called Alaina and Lainey. So, Eminem has three kids totally. He is also the legal guardian for his half brother Nathan. He has been through several legal battles, and all of them were with his own family. Even his mother sued him for defamation because of the lyrics in Slim Shady.

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How Many Kids Does Eminem Have




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