How To Become A Rapper Like Eminem ?  

If you aspire in becoming a rapper then you should become one. If you have the qualities you would know and even others would recognize it. Not everyone is gifted with the ability of rapping as you need a spontaneous mind for that. You should also be able to put your words in such a way where it is apt for rap music.

Hip Hop is all about spontaneity, and how fast you think. It is unlike singing where you spend a lot of time writing the lyrics. There are so many popular rappers like Eminem, P Diddy, and Jay Z and all of them actually started small in their local neighborhoods.

To be a good rapper, it takes a lot of practice. So, the first step is to get a catchy name which sounds like a rapper. Your regular name may not work in the hip hop world. So get a name and as you rap, start using your name too.

Good rappers always participate in free style rapping and whenever you get a chance, never step back. Whether you are good or bad at it, all this gives you a great experience to rap. Rapping in free style means being good at battles.

Start learning several rhyming words and in your free time start making sentences with those words. Even if you have to describe a personal experience, try to do it in a rapper's style. Use rhyming sentences to describe it.

Make demo tapes of your own music, and see how it sounds later. Then start making improvements on your own music.

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How To Become A Rapper Like Eminem




Timeline-Of-Eminem-S-Life      Eminem was born as Marshall Bruce Mathews III on 17 October of 1973 in Kansas City of Missouri. He moved to Detroit when he was 12 years old, and finally ended up growing up there. He moved to several other places throughout his childhood because his father left the family when he was only two and his mother was very poor. More..




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