Where Does Eminem Live ?  

Eminem has been a sensation in the hip hop industry and there is no greater star in the decade as Eminem. He has nearly won 11 Grammy awards for various albums and various categories. He also won several other MTV and Brit awards during his short 10 year career so far. Eminem has had a lot of controversies in his life but at the same time he has had a lot of success too. People are still crazy about his music, and he remains the biggest star of hip hop music. Even f he is not active his music is very much active.

Eminem currently lives in Rochester in Michigan. He lives there with his half brother and two adopted daughters. He shares custody of his first daughter with his ex wife.

Eminem has been through several controversies in his life and is always considered as a man with several unsorted issues. He has abused his mother in several of his songs for which he got sued twice. He also abused his ex wife and got sued more than twice by her.

Other than that, Eminem got into blatant controversies with other famous pop stars like Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera. He was abusive and also used foul language against them. Despite all his abuse and provocative language, his albums still topped the charts and he is still a buster at it. Eminem has been credited as the father of rap because he brought rap into the forefront like nobody else did.

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Where Does Eminem Live




Eminem-Biography      Eminem was born as Marshall Bruce Mathews III on October 17 of 1972. Eminem is a popular rapper in the US, and he instantly gained popularity with his maiden album called the Slim Shady LP. His stage name has been Eminem right from the beginning, and he is popularly known just by this name. More..




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