What Did Madonna Look Like In The 1980s ?  

Madonna is a popular recording artist, musician and pop singer of the United States. She was very popular through the seventies and eighties. She was a major influence on women during those two decades. She released several hit albums even in 2000 and later. However, she is best known for her pop diva image of the eighties.

When we mention Madonna, the first image that comes to our mind is her curly hair over her head and bright eye make up. Several women copied her dressing style and looks. During the eighties, short hair was extremely popular. Most of the craze for frizzy hair was cultivated by Madonna. She also had wavy hair for a brief while with highlights. One of the most remarkable features of her style was her hair.

Perming of hair also became very popular because in order to get Madonna’s looks girls had to perm their hair. Also, black tank top and skirts or dirty bleached blonde hair was highly in fashion. Madonna set of a popular pop culture and dress style that many women in America followed in the 1980s. Madonna always wore short skirts or tight jeans. She then wore an oversized t- shirt or a bra like top on the skirt or jeans. Even these styles hit off with American women big time. The jeans were either stone washed or a murky blue.

In the 1990s, Madonna again started a completely new style where she wore leggings under a skirt or just with an oversized top. This became a major hit and leggings have been in fashion ever since.

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What Did Madonna Look Like In The 1980s




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