Michael Jackson S Birth Home  

Michael Jackson was born on August 29 of 1958 in Gary located in Indiana. It was a modest little house because the Jackson family was quite poor. They were totally nine siblings, and they had to live in a very small house. Michael's father, Joseph Jackson, was a guitarist, but he worked as a crane operator so that he could feed his family. His mother Katherine was an extremely devout mother and also worked as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Michael as a child would go along with his mother singing from door to door. However, Joseph Jackson wanted his sons to pursue a career in music. So he brought them up very strictly, so that they would listen to him. He started a band called Jackson Five when Michael was only five years old. They signed a contract to riches with Motown, and the Jackson Five became very popular.

Once they started earning money through Motown Records they moved to Encino in California. They bought a sprawling bungalow with their earnings. Michael's father became a full time manager for handling his kids' band and careers.

The small little home in Gary is still owned by the family and they have now converted it into a museum in the memory of Michael Jackson. The day Michael died several people went and lit candles in front of the house. Even today, several old timers from Gary remember Michael for his lively and bright smile. Michael is also known as the son of Gary.

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Michael Jackson S Birth Home




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