Biography Of Usher Raymond  

Biography Of Usher Raymond

Usher Raymond IV is a popular American rapper and performs under the name Usher. He was born on October 14th of 1978. Usher became popular when he released his album My Way in 1997. It was an extremely popular album, and at that time rap was gaining popularity at a fast pace. It sold more than 8 million copies worldwide.More...


How Tall Is Usher Raymond ?

How Tall Is Usher Raymond

Usher Raymond is America’s heartthrob when it comes to R and B singing and also hip hop. He rose to success very early in life. He is a hot favorite among women because his good looks. Also, his success with female fans was because he was a bachelor boy for a very long time.More...



Where Does Usher Live ?

Where Does Usher Live

Usher lives in Atlanta in Georgia with his mother and half brother. Some people say he is still living with his wife Tameka and two sons in Atlanta. However, there are rumors after Tameka’s cardiac arrest that they were separated and Usher was living separately.More...



Does Usher Have Any Siblings ?

Does Usher Have Any Siblings

Usher was born on 14 October 1978 to Jonetta Patton and Usher Raymond III. His parents lived in Dallas in Texas and that is where Usher was born. Usher was less than a year old when his biological father left their home, never to return. After that Usher never saw much of him. Usher's mother took him to Chattanooga and relocated there. She remarried and he was brought up in a stable family. He has a half brother, James Lackney, who was born in 1984.More...



What Happened With Chilli And Usher ?

What Happened With Chilli And Usher

Usher was dating former TLC girl Rozonda Chili Thomas. She had a child with Dallas Austin who was a producer of the band. However Usher and Chili’s relationship lasted for a very short while and they split after two years. In December 2003, they broke up.More...



Facts About Usher

Facts About Usher

Usher is 31 years old. He was born on 14 October of 1978. He loves Atlanta because that is where he did his schooling and also started his signing career. His favorite color is yellow. He loves sea food. When he is hungry, he loves to eat strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate.More...





Where-Does-Usher-Raymond-Live      There are several speculations currently on Usher's marital status. However, the latest news is that Usher lives with his sons, mother and half brother in Atlanta, Georgia. His wife's family and friends assert that they are not divorced, and they are very much living together. More..




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