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There are many interesting facts associated with Prince Harry’s life. Prince Harry is the younger son of Charles, the Prince of Wales, and late Diana, Princess of Wales. He is also grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and younger brother of Prince Williams. Prince Harry was born on 15 September 1984. He is third in line of succession to the British throne.

        At school he was only average student getting B and D grade despite being educated at one of the most prestigious schools. In school he was an active sportsman and took an interest in sports such as polo, rugby union and swimming. Apart from that he also took great interests in Abseiling. It was at Eton College where he was embroiled in several controversies. In 2002 he confessed that he smokes and drinks. Harry made headlines when he was caught with marijuana, accused of cheating and for wearing a costume with swastika armband for a themed costume party.

After the gap of one year Prince Harry entered the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in May 2005. During his training, he toured Africa and Australia. Harry graduated from the Royal Military Academy as a second lieutenant in the British Royal Army. He fought on the frontlines of Afghanistan as a commissioned tank commander. However, he was pulled out of the war due to security reasons as the news of his deployment was leaked by websites and some news channel. Harry’s deployment on the warfront made him the first British royal to experience the real war.

Prince Harry was romantically involved with Zimbabwean beauty Chelsy Davy for five long years. But the relationship came to end when both of them mutually decided to part ways after spending a holiday in Mauritius. Though the exact cause of break-up is not known, Chelsy's friends say that Harry’s playboy lifestyle and lack of commitment in the relationship were the main reasons for their break up.

Prince Harry also works for various charity organizations like his mother. He plays polo regularly to raise money for charity and other social causes. In 2007, Prince Harry along with his elder brother Prince Williams organized a tribute concert for their late mother Diana on her 46th birth anniversary. At the concert Prince Harry gave a loving and moving speech in remembrance of his mother.

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Prince Harry Facts




Which-School-Did-Prince-Harry-Go-To      Prince Henry of Wales, more commonly known as Prince Harry, was educated at various schools in England. In school he was an average student getting B or D grade despite being educated at most prestigious schools of England. After graduation Prince Harry took a gap of one year and joined Royal military academy at sandhrusts. More..




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