How Can I Email Prince William ?  

Prince William of Wales cannot be contacted directly via email or by telephone. In fact, any member of royal family cannot be contacted through email or telephone.

Due to security reasons, the Clarence House will not make his e-mail address public. And there is no such official email id of Prince William through which one can get in touch with him.

Prince William is not like any other celebrity. He is handsome, highly qualified and the future King of England and 16 other independent states. It is not an easy task to contact and meet such a high profile and important celebrity. Prince William is always surrounded by security personnel, who are there to protect him. Apart from this, he makes rare public appearances. So if you want to contact the prince, then you can contact him through letters.

So, if you want to contact the future King of Britain, you can contact him by sending letters at his official address in London. The address is as follows:

His Royal Highness Prince William
Kensington Palace,
Kensington, London   W84PN,
Great Britain

Alternately, you can also write to:

His Royal Highness Prince William
St. James Palace,
Great Britain

Everyday thousands of people try to contact Prince William through letters. Though you will not get a personal response from the prince, the official staff will read each and every letter and passes on those they think will be of interest. Sometimes, the official staff send a formal reply on behalf of the Prince.

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How Can I Email Prince William




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