How Did Princess Diana Help People ?  

Princess Diana of Wales was a humanitarian and generous person. Princess Diana was one of the most popular royal figures of Britain’s history.

She used her position, power and charismatic personality to give financial and emotional support to the victims of poverty, disease and drug abuse. She was also known as mini Mother Teresa of Britain.

Princess Diana helped people in several ways. Throughout her life she was very active in supporting and financing many charitable organizations. She helped underprivileged children, and drug abuse and AIDS victims. She also championed the AIDS awareness campaign. In 1987, she shocked the whole world by publicly shaking hand with an AIDS victim. By doing so, she showed to the world that AIDS victims need compassion and kindness. It helped change the world’s opinion regarding AIDS. She also used to undertake surprise visits to hospitals and mental asylums. She possessed a rare ability to make people happy by just holding their hands and hugging them.

Princess Diana played significant role in international campaign against use of anti-personnel landmine. Thus, making the world a safer place to live in. In fact, she had influenced the signing of Ottawa Treaty, which put an international ban on stockpiling, production and use of anti-personnel landmine. The international anti-landmine banning campaign for which Diana had worked for also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.

Princess Diana was associated with many fund raising charitable organization. Many charitable organizations raised substantial amounts of money by just one appearance of the royal Princess. She was the Vice President of the British Red Cross Society and served as a member of the International Red Cross advisory board. She was also the patron of the British Deaf Association.

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How Did Princess Diana Help People




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