What Happened On The Night Princess Diana Died ?  

On the tragic night of August 30, 1997, as Diana left the Ritz Hotel in Paris along with her boyfriend Dodi-Al Fayed, dozens of paparazzi started chasing them in a pursuit to get at least one photo of Diana and Dodi Al Fayed which could fetch them hundreds of thousands of dollars from magazines.

The photographers were carelessly chasing Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed in a hope to get one shot that would them to overnight riches.  

It is believed that the following occurred on the night Princess Diana died:

By the time Henry Paul, the chauffeur, and his passengers entered the Ponte De Alma tunnel, the photographers were almost a quarter mile behind, keeping the black Mercedes in sight. Henry Paul wanted to outdrive the photographers under all circumstances. He was driving the Mercedes at the speed of 180 km/hr. In the mean time another limousine entered into the Alma tunnel. Paul turned left sharply and somehow managed to lose control of the car. This lead the Mercedes to crash headlong into the 13th concrete pillar of Ponte De Alma tunnel. A big explosion occurred as a result of the crash. Henry Paul and Dodi Al Fayed died on the spot. However, Princess Diana, who was sitting next to Dodi, was thrown forward resulting in severe injury to the heart that lead to massive internal breathing. However, she was still alive.

Within five minutes two ambulances reached on the accident spot. It took almost an hour until the Princess of Wales and her companion could be taken out of the rubble. At half past one in the morning Diana was admitted in La Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital. She was immediately shifted to operation room. The surgeons performing the operation opened her ribcage and found a torn vein. They tried to mend the vein, but suddenly she had a cardiac arrest. Despite lengthy resuscitation attempts, including internal cardiac message, doctors failed revive her. She breathed her last at 4 a.m. local time on the operation table. Doctors and surgeons were of the opinion that Princess Diana could have been saved if she had been brought to the hospital on time.

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What Happened On The Night Princess Diana Died




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