Einstein Selfless Great Deed  

Albert Einstein, a German physicist, was born in a Jewish family on March 14, 1879. At the age of 10, he was introduced to key science and mathematics by one of their family friends Max Talmud. During his lifetime, he published about 300 scientific papers and contributed in more than 150 non-scientific works during his lifetime.

Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize In 1921 for discovering the law of photoelectric effect. In addition, his most significant contribution to science is the famous mass–energy equation, E = mc2. As a famous inventor, along with his student Leo Szilard, he invented a refrigerator which has inspired scientists to investigate further into the technology to develop an eco-friendly refrigerator. This invention was honored by Time Magazine as the thirty-first best invention in the publication of Top 50 inventions of 2008.

Like many other famous scientists, Einstein was sometimes criticized or even threatened when he questioned the theories and assumptions that were believed to be true by other scientists. His special theory of relativity served as a base for many scientists to comprehend various other important phenomenons which is followed till date.

His works brought about an enormous change in the scientists views worldwide and his contribution to the world of physics is beyond comparison to many other works. Einstein disproved many theories which were assumed to be true without much scientific proof. He solved many mysteries of the universe with scientific proofs and continued to explore explanations of various phenomenon of the universe all through his life.

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Einstein Selfless Great Deed




Timeline-Of-Albert-Einstein      Albert Einstein, a German-born physicist and a Nobel Prize winner, is well known for his immense contribution to science for discovering the law of photoelectric effect, the theory of relativity and also the famous mass-energy equation, E = mc2. He has published about 300 scientific papers and has contributed in more than 150 non-scientific works. More..




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