Timeline Of Albert Einstein  

Albert Einstein, a German-born physicist and a Nobel Prize winner, is well known for his immense contribution to science for discovering the law of photoelectric effect, the theory of relativity and also the famous mass-energy equation, E = mc2. He has published about 300 scientific papers and has contributed in more than 150 non-scientific works.

Timeline of Albert Einstein:

1879: was born on March 14 in a Jewish Family in Germany

1889: was introduced to key science and mathematics at the age of ten by Max Talmud, a family friend

1894: wrote his first scientific work "The Investigation of the State of Aether in Magnetic Fields”

1895: withdrew from school to join his family in Pavia

1896: enrolled in the math and physics program at the Polytechnic, Zurich

1900: graduated with a diploma in Math and Physics

1901: published a paper on a straw’s capillary forces

1903: got a permanent position at the Swiss Patent Office and married Mileva on 6 January

1905: awarded Ph.D by the University of Zurich for his dissertation titled “A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions”. Popularly known as“Wonder year” of Einstein where he published four papers: photoelectric effect of light, Brownian motion, theory of special relativity, mass–energy equivalence called the twentieth century's most well known equation: E = mc2

1908: took up the post of a lecturer at the University of Bern

1909: published a paper on “The Development of Our Views on the Composition and Essence of Radiation”

1910: wrote a paper on the effect of light scattered by the molecules in the atmosphere which described why the sky is blue.

1911: became the associate professor at the University of Zurich

1912: accepted professorship at ETH, Zurich and started a new phase of research with mathematician Marcel Grossmann

1915: published General theory of relativity

1919: divorced Marić on 14 February and married Elsa Löwenthal on June 2

1921: won the Nobel Prize for discovering the law of the photoelectric effect

1955: died at the age of 76 at Princeton Hospital on 17 April

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Timeline Of Albert Einstein




What-Did-Albert-Einstein-Invent      Albert Einstein, a Nobel Prize winner for discovering the Law of Photoelectric Effect, was a physicist born in Germany. He is well known for his contribution to science with the theory of relativity. One of his most famous works is the famous mass-energy equation, E = mc2. He has published about 300 scientific works and has also contributed in more than 150 non-scientific works. More..




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