Timeline Of Accomplishments Of Michael Faraday  

Michael Faraday, a well known chemist and physicist became famous for his contribution to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

One of the most influential scientists during his time with very less formal education, Faraday was considered one of the best experimentalists also. The SI unit of capacitance called Faraday is named after him. It is also popularly known as the Faraday constant.

Timeline of Accomplishments of Michael Faraday:

1805: Apprenticed to a book binder where he was associated for the next seven years; this gave him an opportunity to read and learn from a wide range of books on scientific subjects
1813: Appointed at the Royal Institution as a chemical assistant
1815: Started helping Davy and also other renowned scientists in some experiments
1821: Published his studies on electromagnetic rotation which served as the basis for electric motor. Demonstrated as to how electrical energy can be converted into motive force and invented the electric motor
1826: Founded Friday Evening discourses and Christmas Lectures at the Royal Institution
1827: Following Sir Humphrey Davy’s retirement, Faraday was appointed as a professor of chemistry at the Royal Institution
1831: Discovered the principle of electromagnetic induction which is used in generator and also the electric transformer;
1837: Demonstrated the fact that electrostatic force established a particular inductive capacity and comprises of a field of curved lines of force.
1857: Defined laws of electrolysis which explained electro-deposition of metals from solutions
1845: Conceptualized the idea of a field to describe electrical and magnetic forces

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Timeline Of Accomplishments Of Michael Faraday




What-Did-Michael-Faraday-Invent      Michael Faraday was born on September 22 in the year 1791 at Newington Butts in England. He was not from a very affluent family and could not receive very good education due to the financial circumstances. However, this did not stop or hinder him in any way. Michael Faraday was a famous chemist and physicist who contributed immensely in the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. More..




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