What Did Michael Faraday Invent ?  

Michael Faraday was born on September 22 in the year 1791 at Newington Butts in England. He was not from a very affluent family and could not receive very good education due to the financial circumstances.

However, this did not stop or hinder him in any way. Michael Faraday was a famous chemist and physicist who contributed immensely in the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

In the field of electromagnetism, he discovered the concepts of electromagnetic induction, and diamagnetism. He also defined the laws of electrolysis. He popularized various terminologies like ion, electrode, anode and cathode. In 1831, Faraday made one of his most famous discoveries, the principle of electromagnetic induction by using the "induction ring". He demonstrated that the electricity was generated by means of electromagnetic effect. This became popular as the first version of an electric transformer.

Faraday discovered that magneto electric induction produced electric current on a continuous basis. He also discovered popular devices like electric motor, generator and transformer.

As a chemist, he was very well known for the discovery of benzene. He also investigated on the clathrate hydrate of chlorine and discovered two chlorides of carbon. In addition to defining the system of oxidation numbers, he invented the first version of the Bunsen burner which was used in many of the laboratories.

One of the most influential scientists during his time, Faraday was also considered one of the best experimentalists. The SI unit of capacitance is called Farad and is named in his honor. It is also referred to as the Faraday constant.

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What Did Michael Faraday Invent




Michael-Faraday-And-The-Electromagnet      Michael Faraday was born in London on September 22, 1791 at Newington Butts. He could not receive formal education since he was not from a very affluent family. He was apprenticed to a book binder in 1805 and for the next seven years, he utilized this opportunity to read and learn from a wide range of scientific subjects. More..




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