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Kane Wrestler’s birth name is Glen Thomas Jacobs, and he is a popular American wrestler. He is estimated to be around 7 feet tall by the WWE. His weight is around 320 pounds. Kane was born on April 26, 1967, and he is 42 years old now.

He was born in Madrid, Spain. Kane has been one of the top stars of the WWE Raw brand. Since his debut in WWF, he has won several titles in his career as Dr. Isaac Yankem and many other on-stage names. He also defeated Steve Austin in a First Blood match.Kane is the only wrestler who keeps getting back to the ring periodically. Kane said that what attracted him towards WWE wrestling was that the promoters had the story telling ability, and also held the crowds enthralled. Kane the wrestler is very much alive in the wrestling industry, and no matter what, he still sees a future or himself fifteen years from now.

Kane has been a veteran in the wrestling industry. He has been in wrestling for more than fifteen years. Also now, Kane holds a much senior position in the ring. His popular move, choke slam, is taken from the Undertaker as he claims. He has wrestled and won against the big names like Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. Right now, Kane holds the irrefutable designation of the biggest eliminator. He can eliminate as many as 11 wrestlers in a single show of Royal Rumble. Kane has also teamed up as a part of the Brothers of Destruction along with the Undertaker.

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Latest News On Kane Wrestler





When-Was-Kane-The-Wrestler-Born      Glenn Jacobs was born on April 26, 1967. He was born in Spain, but is an American professional wrestler. He is more popularly known as Kane the Wrestler in the wrestling world. He is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment in its Smack Down roster. More..




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