When Was Kane The Wrestler Born ?  

Glenn Jacobs was born on April 26, 1967. He was born in Spain, but is an American professional wrestler. He is more popularly known as Kane the Wrestler in the wrestling world.

He is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment in its Smack Down roster.Jacobs first started his wrestling career in 1992. He is also an actor other than being a professional wrestler. He also wrestled in the Smoky Mountain Wrestling as Unabomb. He won the SMW Tag Team Championship as a member of the Dynamic Duo.

He won the USWA Heavyweight Championship as Doomsday. He then joined the World Wrestling Entertainment in 1995 and took part in the story line as the half brother of the Undertaker. Along with the Undertaker, he became an integral part of the Brothers of Destruction, and in the Inferno match. It was the biggest achievement in Kane's wrestling career.

In his career, Kane has won 15 big championships. He won the world heavy weight championship twice, and he is the two-time champion of the WWE Intercontinental Championship. He won the Tag Team Champion title 10 times and also the Hardcore Championship once. He is also the Third Grand Slam Champion. In the Royal Rumble, he has eliminated as many as 11 wrestlers in one match.

Kane and the Undertaker along with Triple H still continue to rule the wrestling arena as the top most champions. Other wrestlers like The Rock have left the world of wrestling, and taken on their movie career more seriously. However, Kane continues to play a role in the mainstream wrestling in spite of his age and also having an active movie career.

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When Was Kane The Wrestler Born





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