Who Is The Highest Paid Wrestler In The Wwe ?  

Wrestling is not just an entertainment sport, but it is also one of the highest paying sports. Participants in wrestling championships make millions of dollars every year.

Vince McMahon, who owns the WWE, is one of the richest men in the United States according to the Forbes magazine. He also figures in the 50 most richest people in the United States.Some of the wrestlers in the WWE earn more than the most popular Hollywood stars. In the 21st century, there are wrestlers who make nearly a million dollars every year. Wrestlers like the Undertaker and Triple H could even earn fifteen to twenty million every year depending on the number of matches and titles they win each year. They also have a movie career which pays them equally well. Hulk Hogan earned US$20 million between 1996 and 1998 besides earning and additional $300,000 for every appearance outside the regular matches. One of the highest paid wrestlers was The Rock, who earned more than 50 million while he was part of the WWE. Stone Cold Steve Austin also earned in excess of $30 million during his wrestling career.

As of now the top most paid wrestler in the WWE is Triple H. Here is a brief list of some of the WWE stars and their earnings.

Ashley Massaro:$131,000
Big Show:$1,000,000
Bob Holly:$217,000
Booker T:$375,000
Candice Michelle:$64,000
Carlito: $319,000
Chavo Guerrero:$206,000
Chris Benoit:$488,000
Chris Masters: $253,000
Christian - $396,000
Danny Basham:$130,000
Doug Basham:$126,000
Eddie Guerrero: $372,000
Funaki: $124,000
Gene Snitsky: $292,000
Gregory Helms: $277,000
John Cena: $1,743,000
John Layfield: $786,000
Jerry Lawler: $204,000
Jillian Hall: $52,000
Joey Mercury: $134,000
Johnny Nitro: $143,000
Jonathan Coachman: $175,000
Kane: $ 851,000
Ken Kennedy: $133,000
Kid Kash: $62,000
Kurt Angle: $1,023,000
Lance Cade: $118,000
Lilian Garcia: $90,000
Lita: $286,000
Maria: $41,000
Mark Henry: $300,000
Matt Hardy: $322,000
Matt Striker: $43,000
Melina: $155,000
Mickie James: $72,000
Nunzio: $186,000
Orlando Jordan: $145,000
Paul London: $177,000
Psicosis: $122,000
Randy Orton: $711,000
Rene Dupree: $289,000
Rey Mysterio: $414,000
Ric Flair: $508,000
Rob Conway: $186,000
Rob Van Dam: $220,000
Rosie: $105,000
Shawn Michaels: $1,045,000
Shelton Benjamin: $366,000
Simon Dean: $132,000
Stacy Keibler: $178,000
Steven Richards: $94,000
Torrie Wilson: $260,000
Trevor Murdoch: $48,000
Triple H: $2,013,000
Undertaker: $1,811,000
Val Venis: $210,000
Victoria: $275,000
Viscera: $130,000
William Regal: $225,000

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Who Is The Highest Paid Wrestler In The Wwe





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