Does Hulk Hogan Divorce ?  

Hulk Hogan is married to Linda Hogan, and they have been married since 1984. He has two children, Brooke and Nick. Recently, all his friends and fans were shocked to learn that his 24 years marriage has come to an end when his wife Linda Hogan announced about the divorce.

However, the couple maintains that in spite of the divorce they are on amicable terms. Linda filed for divorce on November 20, 2007. Hogan’s son Nick has been facing charges for reckless driving which left his friend, who was traveling with him, brain damaged. After that, according to several friends of Hulk, their marriage has gone bad. Linda has distanced herself from Hulk, and unable to cope with the pressure of their son’s case.

Hulk did not know about the divorce when the news hit him. His wife Linda was taking a break away from him when he was training for the American Gladiators in Los Angeles. One of the reporters contacted him and asked him to comment about the divorce and that is when he knew about it. He was even quoted saying to the reporter that he was caught off guard. Hogan thought that it could be the result of Nick’s accident and Linda did not know how to deal with the incident.

However, there have been a lot of reports after that about their divorce and Hulk Hogan is living with his daughter. Hulk accepted publicly that it has been very hard for him to cope with the divorce after nearly 24 years of marriage, and also said it is sad how a family falls apart after a tragedy.

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Does Hulk Hogan Divorce





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